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Dave Camp Construction is a family business owned by Dave Camp and his wife Chris.  A son, Matthew, is also active in the business, working as a
crew supervisor.  We have been licensed as a General Building Contractor by the State of California since 1990, and relocated our family to McCloud
from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1996.  
Dave is a "hands-on" builder who works daily with the crew.  While there are times that administrative tasks take him from the field, he truly enjoys
building and loves participating in the building process.  Dave also knows that being on-site daily ensures the quality levels that the company
As a company, we do most of the work on our projects with our own employees, especially on smaller projects.  On larger projects, we use company
employees to complete all foundation, rough carpentry and finish carpentry tasks.  We then hire specialty contractors to complete items such as
drywall, roofing, plumbing and electrical.  The ability to handle many trades in-house and to also have access to excellent subcontractors, many of
whom we have worked with for years, allows us to be extremely price competitive no matter what the project scope.
General Building Contractor  -  P.O. Box 113  -   McCloud, CA   96057  -  530-964-CAMP (2267)  -  CA Lic. #600206
Our goals are simple.
We want to build structures that are at the highest levels of craftsmanship.  This craftsmanship is important to us whether the project is an elaborate
custom home or a very simple garage.  
We want our customers to be completely satisfied in every aspect of their project, not only with how the finished project looks and performs, but with
the entire building experience.  We want to know that we have given our clients the highest quality at a fair price, and
we want our clients to feel the
Customers come to us at many different stages in the building process, and we are happy to begin helping at any stage.  Some have a fully permitted
project ready to be built.  Some have purchased a lot but need plans or need their plans altered to suit their particular circumstances.  Some have a
bathroom with tired fixtures they simply want replaced.  Some even ask us to complete a project begun by another contractor.  At the initial phone
call, we like to schedule a face-to-face meeting. This allows us to introduce ourselves and helps us to get a better feel for the project and the client.  
We then take the information from that meeting and use it to tailor a very detailed project-specific Proposal.    We try to itemize every aspect of the
project scope, using allowances where necessary, so our clients can assess our proposal and fairly compare it to other bids they may be soliciting.  
We understand that many construction disputes come from vague contracts and poorly communicated changes.  We avoid those disputes through
the use of a detailed Proposal, timely written and executed Change Orders if needed, and good communication throughout the construction process.

Selecting a contractor is a very important decision.   In most cases your home is, or will be, your most valuable physical  asset.  Take a few simple
steps to ensure the person you select is capable to produce the kind of end product you deserve.  Start with checking the California Contractors
State License Board website -  It will give you basic information such as license number, date first issued, other licenses they have
been associated with, whether they carry Workers Compensation insurance, and whether they have had any disciplinary action against their license.  
They also have links to other publications to aid you in your search.  Ask your contractor for references and
actually check with several of them.   
Look at some of the Contractor's past projects and if possible, see if a current project is available for viewing.  A little due diligence can generate a
great deal of information with which to evaluate your prospective Contractor.  

Good luck with your project!
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